adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange" (GZ0953) Release Date
adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange" (GZ0953) Release Date
adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange" (GZ0953) Release Date

adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange"

Raffle list for adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange". Start filtering the raffle guide and enter your favorite raffles.

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60€ / 60$

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Enflame Orange/ Enflame Orange/ Enflame Orange


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The adidas YEEZY Slide "Enflame Orange" will be released soon. If you want to buy this sneaker, then we recommend you to enter all raffles that we will list above, as this is a limited sneaker release. The raffle list will be expanded bit by bit as each store launches its raffles. So check back often so you do not miss any of it!

Sneaker Releases & Raffles

Most sneaker releases nowadays are raffled off. Since a few of today's sneakers are very limited, the stores try to make the release as fair as possible through various raffles, such as the classic "online raffle", which is usually processed via a form or Instagram. Here you simply enter your data and the desired shoe size and hope that your name will be drawn at random.

However, many stores also organize “in-store raffles”, which offer locals an even better chance, as you usually have to register in store.

If it doesn't work out with a particular sneaker release, don't give up. At some point you will usually be rewarded for your efforts - but sometimes it takes a little longer. Good luck to everyone!

Missing a Raffle?

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